OHJA Special Awards

Each year the OHJA recognizes individuals (and horses) who exemplify the OHJA’s mission of sportsmanship and horsemanship, and give of their own time to generously support OHJA members and the organization.

OHJA Nomination-Based Special Awards

Each year the OHJA seeks nominations for the following special awards, which are voted on by the Board of Directors, and presented at the Annual Awards Banquet and Fundraiser:

Father of the Year
Mother of the Year

These awards are given to parents who show their continued support and dedication of their children, the horses, and the sport throughout the year.  The OHJA recognizes that the support and commitment of parents to this sport is necessary, is impressive, and inspiring.

Senior Sportsmanship
Junior Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “conduct (such as fairness, respect for one’s opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport.” This award, one given to a junior member and one to a senior member, is given to the nominee that exemplifies the attributes of sportsmanship and helps better our sport from within.

Smooth Jazz Perpetual Trophy

The horse, what a marvelous creature! We are lucky to enjoy our wonderful relationship with these animals. Over the years, horses have become increasingly dependent upon humans for their well-being. Awareness of and concern for our horses’ welfare has grown out of this relationship. Thanks to OZ’s generous donation of the Smooth Jazz Perpetual Trophy, the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association now recognizes one of its members annually for their demonstrated commitment to horse welfare.

Volunteer of the Year

The OHJA is a volunteer organization.  Each year we recognize an individual who has given of his/her time and energy to support the OHJA in making the organization a success.

School Horse of the Year

Almost every rider and trainer started off riding a school horse, they are the unsung heroes of our sport and none of us would be where we are without them.

Nominations for the above awards can be made at any time prior to December 15 of each calendar year and should be directed to the Membership Representative.

Other OHJA Special Awards

Cynthia Hoyt Dibbins Trophy

The Cynthia Hoyt Dibbins Trophy is awarded to the High Point Certificate of Merit Rider in memory of Cynthia Hoyt Dibbins, who was a lifetime equestrian, teacher, and student. This special award will be presented with the Certificate of Merit.

Winning Hand Perpetual Trophy

The Winning Hand Perpetual Trophy, sponsored by Mary Reid, is awarded to the high point horse in the Open System’s High-Performance Hunter, 4’ – 4’6” division. Also known as Mac, Winning Hand was a wonderful horse who shared his kindness, talent, and unconditional love with everyone and we give this award tonight in his memory.

The Kubicek Cup

The Kubicek Cup originated with the Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association in 1990. With Julia Kubicek’s move to the Northwest, the award started anew with the OHJA in 2003. The Kubicek Cup is awarded to the high point equitation rider, regardless of age.