OHJA Points System

  • How are OHJA points calculated?

    See the charts below for details on how OHJA Points are calculated or review the OHJA Bylaws & Rules.

    Following each show, results are uploaded to OHJA’s database, either by OHJA’s points chair or the applicable show manager.  Once results are uploaded, you can check your results online.  However, please note there can be a delay between the tie the results are uploaded and the database’s conversion of those results to points using OHJA’s applicable increment system.  Your points won’t be available until this conversion process is completed.

  • How do I check my points and this for my horse(s)?

    Results for each class/division that is potentially eligible for an OHJA year-end award or Certificate of Merit points are uploaded to the OHJA database.  Only the top six exhibitors are eligible for points under OHJA rules.

    Depending upon which horse you rode in an equitation or medal class, or who rode your horse in a hunter or jumper class, your own points and those for your horse(s) may not match.

    To check your individual results and those for your horse, you must first log in using your email and password.  On your own log in screen, click on the “View My Show Points” link to see your points for the classes in which you rode; this is the best link to check your points for equitation and medal classes.  To view hunter and/or jumper points for your horse(s), click on the “View Show Points” next to your horse(s)’ name(s).

  • What if my results or points, or those for my horse(s), are missing or incorrect?

    There are several factors that determine whether you can accumulate points, including:

    • Was the show USEF or OHJA Outreach rated? Only these shows count, depending upon the system in which you and/or your horse is registered
    • What rating was the show? Rating determines which USEF increment system is used to calculate points
    • Was the class or division eligible for an OHJA year-end award or for Certificate of Merit? Only these classes count and only these classes are uploaded to the database.  Generally, the class/division specifications must be the same as the specifications in the current OHJA rulebook for that class/division
    • Did you finish in the top six placings? Only the top six count toward OHJA awards
    • How many exhibitors were there in the class? Generally, only classes in which at least 3 exhibitors complete the course count.  In the Regional and Open Systems, the larger the class, the more points it is worth.  In the Local System, class size makes no difference in points as long as there are more than 3 exhibitors.
    • Were you an OHJA member before you rode in the class? Points only accumulate when riders and owners/lessees are active members who have already paid for their membership
    • Was your horse registered with OHJA before you rode in the class? Points only accumulate in hunter and jumper classes for horses that are already registered with OHJA
    • In what OHJA system are you registered as a member? This impacts whether you’re eligible to accumulate points at a particular show
    • In what OHJA system is your horse registered? This impacts whether your horse is eligible to accumulate points at a particular show

    If you have questions or concerns about your uploaded results or points, contact the OHJA Points Secretary .

Here are some important things to remember:

  • Membership is from Dec. 1 to Nov. 30 each year and requires an annual renewal to earn points.
  • Members have until December 15th to dispute points reported in their OHJA online account/profile.
  • The Points Secretary automatically receives results from USEF-Rated shows in Oregon and Washington and from all OHJA Outreach shows, which appear in the Show List.
    • Coachella’s and Monroe’s show management typically sends results directly to OHJA.
    • If you have attended a show not included in the Show List other than Coachella or Monroe, you need to contact the Show Manager/Secretary and request that show results be sent to OHJA. If you attend any out-of-state horse shows other than Coachella or Monroe, it is your responsibility to request that results be sent directly byshow management to OHJA’s Points Secretary by email (the same electronic file that shows send to USEF is the preferred format)  Refer to the Show List for all shows included.
    • Please review your points carefully via your own log in screen and report any apparent discrepancies to the Points Secretary.
  • OHJA Rules require that out of state horses and riders accumulate points at 3 or more shows in Oregon to be eligible for year-end awards. Horses and riders not receiving an award due to this rule will not be included in the final year-end standings.
  • Equitation riders accumulating points in both open and restricted equitation are eligible for only one year-end championship award for equitation, which shall be awarded in the division in which the rider has achieved the highest overall placing in the year-end standings.  Riders not receiving an award due to this rule will not be included in the final year-end standings.
  • Remember, horses (with show name matching membership form), riders and owners must all be members of OHJA for points to count.  OHJA’s database automatically matches upon show results with membership and horse registration information in the database.  However, if names don’t match (wrong person, misspelling, etc.), the database cannot match them and it must be done manually.  Please make sure your show entries are completed accurately to minimize this issue.  If you are missing results or points, confirm your membership and horse registration(s) are accurate and paid in full.
  • All owners/lessees and riders must be current OHJA members at the time the horse is shown in order to accumulate points toward year-end awards. To facilitate the correct recording of your points for year end awards, please make sure the owner, rider and horse registration names used on your renewal application are identical to the names shown on USEF records and your show entries.
  • Each rider competing in an OHJA Medal class must have a current OHJA membership before showing and must be prepared to present proof of membership (cancelled check or current membership card) before the class begins.
  • If you and/or your horse have USEF numbers, please include those numbers in your membership profile and/or your horse’s registration profile.  These unique numbers help the OHJA database to correctly identify you and/or your horse in show results, enabling us to track your results more effectively.
  • The Board has a right to combine or omit from year-end awards any division(s) not meeting minimum requirements in terms of the number of entries in the division.

Update: See the Show List for complete list of all included shows, please review your points and report discrepancies as early in the year as possible. Note: If a show(s) you attended does not appear on the report, please contact that Show Manager(s) to confirm results have been forwarded to OHJA.

Calculating Your OHJA Points

OHJA points are calculated according to: (1) the horse and/or rider’s system (Open, Regional, or Local); (2) the rating of the horse show (USEF Rating, or OHJA Outreach); and (3) the number of exhibitors in the class.

Open System: Horse AND/OR Rider

Open System horses and riders will accumulate points as follows:

USEF “Regional II Hunter” and “Jumper Rating 1” Rated Shows

Number of Exhibitors 3-8 9-15 16-25 26+
1st 20 25 30 40
2nd 15 20 25 35
3rd 10 15 20 30
4th 5 10 15 25
5th 4 5 10 20
6th 3 4 5 15

USEF “National Hunter,”
“Regional 1 Hunter” and
“Jumper Rating 2” Rated Shows

Number of Exhibitors 3-8 9-15 16-25 26+
1st 30 40 50 60
2nd 25 35 45 55
3rd 20 30 40 50
4th 15 25 35 45
5th 14 24 34 44
6th 13 23 33 43

USEF “Premier Hunter” and “Jumper Rating 3-6” Rated Shows

Number of Exhibitors 3-8 9-15 16-25 26+
1st 40 50 60 70
2nd 35 45 55 65
3rd 30 40 50 60
4th 25 35 45 55
5th 24 34 44 54
6th 23 33 43 53

Regional System: Horse AND/OR Rider

Regional System horses and riders will accumulate points at USEF-rated shows as noted above, and for non-USEF-rated shows as follows:

OHJA Non-Rated Shows

Number of Exhibitors 3-8 9-15 16-25 26+
1st 20 25 30 40
2nd 15 20 25 35
3rd 10 15 20 30
4th 5 10 15 25
5th 4 5 10 20
6th 3 4 5 15

Local System: Horse AND/OR Rider

All Shows

1st 10
2nd 6
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2