Junior Equestrian Fund

The Junior Equestrian Fund (“JEF”) was established by the OHJA to provide financial assistance to young riders, twenty-one (21) or younger, who compete at regional and national Medal Finals or other Finals classes, including the Young Rider, the Maclay, Pony Finals, and USET.

JEF holds fun, fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for this program.  Volunteering for the JEF is easy and is a great way to get to know other junior riders in the community.

Applicants for JEF funds must have actively participated in the fundraising activities in the current year and must make a formal application to the OHJA Board.  Funds are approved and awarded after the young rider attends a Final based upon several factors, including the availability of funds, number of applicants, and a demonstrated commitment to OHJA fundraising.  If you would like to apply for assistance, please complete the Junior Equestrian Fund Request Application.

For more information about JEF, how to get involved, or how to apply for funds, please contact the JEF Advisory Representative. Online forms to apply are coming soon!