2022 OHJA Committees

These are the active committees and their current Committee Chairperson. If you would like to get involved and contribute your time and expertise to an OHJA committee, please email us at .

Please use OHJA’s contact page for OHJA business communications with Board and Committee members.

Awards Banquet Representative:  Tricia Schoenbaum and Akiko Hamada

Planning and coordination of the annual year-end awards banquet, at which OHJA recognizes medal recipients, local system awards, merit and special awards, and more. The event includes a banquet and silent auction fundraiser.

Board Nominations Representative:  Sam Shahbazi

Solicits nominations from the general membership and identifies candidates for Board positions that are available annually, as Board members rotate off the Board on a fixed yearly schedule.

Communications:  Meg Dunne

Ensures communications with membership are timely and accurate. Communications would include updates, announcements, changes to policy and/or rules, and oversight of communication channels, i.e. social media, Facebook, newsletters, media contact.

Education Representative:  Med Dunne

Planning and coordination of any special educational programs, plus evaluation of educational opportunities that would benefit the membership.

Fundraising & Development Representative: Ariel Hurst

Strategy and coordination of fundraising activities that will support OHJA’s mission and strengthen its financial outlook.

General Support, Information & Technology Representative:  Kathy Hall

Maximizes OHJA’s opportunities for utilizing technology to improve member communications and horse show/points system management.

Junior Board Chair:  Sam Shahbazi

Oversight of the Junior Board, including fund-raising for the Junior Equestrian Fund.

Medal Finals Representative: Tricia Schoenbaum and Leah Lively 

Planning and coordination of the year-end medal finals and approval of the prize list.

Membership Representative:  Sam Shahbazi

Develops strategies for growing OHJA’s membership and member retention; addresses member questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Rules, Policy & Procedure Representative:  Heather Travis and Kathy Hall

Addresses inquiries, provides interpretation, and suggests to the Board policy and procedure adjustments or additions. Addresses inquiries regarding application of the OHJA Rules and the USEF Rules.

Points Representative: Kathy Hall

Addresses questions regarding how points are earned and the reporting of points.

Scholarship Representative:  Sam Shahbazi

Coordinates the annual promotion of the OHJA Scholarship, solicits applicants, screens applicants, and presents recipient recommendations to the Board for approval.

Show Managers Representative:  Ariel Hurst

Reviews show applications, determines if the applicant meets the policy requirements, and determines if the show benefits the OHJA brand.

Discipline Representatives

Jumper: Meg Dunne

Hunter: Nicole Bourgeois

Equitation: Tressa Blankenship