News & Media Info

Thank you for your interest in OHJA. There are always exciting things happening at the OHJA approved shows and in our programs that would interest the regional media outlets. If you would like more information regarding an event or program, please contact our Communications Representative.

Reaching Our Membership & Community

  • WEBSITE UPDATES:  Keeping our website up-to-date is very important to us, and we know it is to you, too. It is always our top priority! If you have any questions or if you are lucky enough to find that hidden typo error, be sure to contact our Webmaster. You might win something!
  • NEWSLETTERS:  OHJA’s current and past Newsletters can be found in our Newsletter Archive.
  • FACEBOOK:  OHJA has a very active Facebook page, which we frequently use for announcements of events, shows, fundraising activities and regional equine health alerts. Please LIKE our Facebook page so you can stay current with OHJA’s news. There is also a group Facebook page, which is mostly a sale page and we do not manage it. You are feel to join the group and share with others on that page.
  • BLOG:  We will be blogging more often and using that as a tool for communicating with the membership and community. You can subscribe to our blog by clicking the RRS Feed link and “subscribe” to it.