3 Tier System

What is the 3 tier system?

The 3 tier system allows riders to compete against others at their level for year-end awards. Each tier is grouped by show rating and location. In this way, riders who compete only at schooling shows in Oregon are not competing for points with riders showing on what’s commonly known as the “A circuit” throughout the west coast and beyond. Each system has rules governing the points earned.

Affiliate and Business memberships are not part of OHJA’s 3 tier system.  Affiliate members are only eligible for points in OHJA Medal classes, not hunter, equitation, or jumper divisions.  Business members are not eligible for any points.

Which system should I join?

The first step in knowing what system to join is to make a show plan for the season. Do you expect to show only at non-USEF rated shows in Oregon and its contiguous counties (meaning just over the border in Washington, Idaho and California)? Or are you mainly an “A circuit” rider that will show at the USEF-rated shows from California to Canada? Or something in between? Having an idea of what shows you will attend and where will help you to join the correct system. Below is a simplified breakdown of the tiers:

Open System:  Horses and riders accumulate points at all USEF-rated shows regardless of location, but not at any OHJA Outreach shows

Regional System: Horses and riders accumulate points in Oregon and its contiguous counties at all USEF-rated shows and their first 3 OHJA Outreach shows

Local System: Horses and riders accumulate points in Oregon and its contiguous counties at all OHJA Outreach shows, all USEF “Regional I Hunter” (formerly known as “B” rated), “Regional II Hunter” (formerly known as “C” rated), and “Jumper Rating 1” shows, and their first 3 USEF “National Hunter,” (formerly known as “A” rated) “Premier Hunter” (formerly known as “AA” rated), and “Jumper Rating 2” or higher shows.  Local System members may also accumulate points at the show hosting the OHJA Medal Finals as a fourth USEF-rated show if they compete in the OHJA Medal Finals.

Does that mean that I can only compete at shows where I earn points?

Not at all. Horses and riders are welcome to compete at all shows.

What system can I join if I don’t live in Oregon or its contiguous counties?

Non-residents may join only the Open system, not the Regional or Local systems.

NOTE: Non-Oregon members must attend 3 or more shows in order to be eligible for a year-end award..

Can I change my system after I have joined?

After you have joined or renewed your membership for the competition year, you may choose to move up to a higher-level system, but not a lower one. Please note that you must update your membership profile and pay the difference between the membership fees to make the change.  Generally, your points will not be carried forward with you to the new system without approval from the OHJA Board.  See below:

Current System         Change Allowed          Points Follow?

Local                               Regional, Open                Only with the Board’s approval

Regional                         Open                                  No

Open                               none                                  N/A

What are the contiguous counties for Oregon?

In Washington: Wahkia Kum, Clark County, Cowlitz, Skamania, Klickitat, Benton, Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield, Asotin

In Idaho: Nez Perce, Grangeville, Adams, Washington, Payette, Canyon, Owyhee

In California: Del Norte, Siskiyou, Modoc