Volunteers – OHJA Needs Your Support

Bubby Kane - Dr LoomisOregon is blessed with many people passionate for the hunter jumper sport who generously give their time and resources.

As an organization, OHJA has thrived because of the many volunteers that have helped it grow and stay true to its mission. OHJA’s Board of Directors, Members At Large and Committee members are all volunteers who have brought their equestrian and business talents to benefit the Association. 

OHJA is committed to providing membership with benefits and resources that are valued. To do so, we need your support through volunteerism. Your skills, talents, time, and resources can make a huge difference in delivering on our promise.

Be an OHJA VOLUNTEER and enjoy a community of friends with like-minds and a shared passion. We will help you find a role that suits you and the time you are able to give.  

THANK YOU and we look forward to hearing from you.


You can download a Volunteer Interest Form to complete and mail in, but we really appreciate you helping us be GREEN and efficient by using the online form below.

OHJA Volunteer Form

Would you like to help OHJA in some capacity?
  • Enter the name of the OHJA member
  • List jobs you would like to do or positions you would like to hold.
  • For example if you're allergic or unable to lift over a certain weight amount, etc....