OHJA Scholarship

Each year OHJA awards academic scholarships to up to 3 applicants based upon information provided in the scholarship application and upon an individual interview to be held in December by the Scholarship Committee.  The amount of the scholarship awarded varies based upon funds raised throughout the year.  If interested in donating directly to OHJA’s scholarship fund please contact Leah Lively at


Applications are due by November 15th, we strongly encourage potential applicants to begin the application process early in order to complete requirements prior to the submission deadline.  Awards will be disbursed directly to the recipients’ chosen accredited educational institution.


To apply online please complete and submit the Scholarship Application below.  All questions may be directed to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson via our contact form.


Junior Equestrian Fund & Local System Medal Finals Program

The Junior Equestrian Fund (JEF) and the Local System Medal Finals Program were established by OHJA to provide financial assistance to riders who compete at Medal Finals or other Finals classes. To learn more about the programs and opportunities to get involved, please visit our program page.

You can download a Scholarship Application to complete and mail in, but we really appreciate you helping us be GREEN and efficient by using the online form below.

OHJA Scholarship Application

  • To which schools you have applied or intend to apply? Have you been accepted to any of these schools? If so, which ones? What do you intend to study, or what is your anticipated major? What prompted your choice of schools and intended course of study?
  • Are you currently attending school? If so, what school? What is your current grade level/year? Do you have any other school or work experience? If so, list the applicable dates and describe your experience.
  • Have you held any organizational offices or positions of leadership? If so, list the applicable dates, the name of the organization(s), and describe your experience.
  • Have you participated in any extracurricular school, civic, and/or volunteer activities? If so, list the applicable dates, the name of the organization(s), and describe your experience.
  • Describe your riding background and accomplishments, including the length and extent of your involvement with OHJA.
  • Have you received any non-horse-related or community awards or honors? If so, describe your awards and/or honors.
  • Describe the most valuable lesson – whether positive or negative - you have learned from your experience with horses and/or riding. Why has this experience been so valuable to you?


Note: All scholarship recipients will be required to provide their social security number for tax purposes. We will not request this until notifying you of the award.