About OHJA

The Oregon Hunter Jumper Association, formerly known as the Northwest Horse Council, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of hunters, jumpers, and hunt seat equitation. Founded in 1978, OHJA’s purpose is as follows:

  • Promote the interests of the owners and exhibitors by ensuring fair competition and sportsmanship
  • Help improve and develop the quality of hunters and jumpers within the state
  • Bolster public support of the hunter/jumper and hunt seat equitation industry
  • Expand and enhance the image of equestrian competition.

The professionals and amateurs involved in the OHJA share the belief that horsemanship promotes and develops not only an appreciation of horses and riding, but also in a much broader sense dedication, commitment, and sportsmanship.

Allison Stenger, Doug Nicols, Micky Ungar (?), Trish Helmer's dad, Pat Palmer and her daughter, Trish Helmer; approx. 1960 at the Nicol Riding AcademyIf you would like to support OHJA’s programs, scholarships, medal finals and more…

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Celebrating the Equestrian Sport Since 1978

OHJA is proud of its heritage and long-standing traditions. We hope this website shows how much we honor the dedicated equestrians of Oregon. Our membership spans decades, from toddlers to our treasured vintage riders and no-longer-riding. We applaud their enduring love of horses, their bravery and their contributions to our sport.

We have showcased many hunter jumper enthusiasts in our website. The vintage photos at the top of the HOME page are:

Ellen “Buppy” Kane on Kitty/Minute Made (aka Ever Ready); 1975

Diane Snow on Tigger, owned by Sue Sherman; approx. 1977 at Lake Oswego Hunt


Proudly Affiliated

OHJA is proudly affiliated with the United States Equestrian Federation and the United States Hunter Jumper Association.