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Welcome to OHJA

The Oregon Hunter Jumper Association promotes the pursuit of excellence from grass roots to OHJA-rated competitions. It strives to ensure quality horsemanship and sportsmanship, to provide high levels of communication and responsibility to the general membership, and bring national recognition to Oregon and its many fine riders and trainers.

Current Medal Finals Points and Standings

View current medal finals points here.  Medal Finals points are calculated through Oregon High Desert Classic 2.  This list is correct; please disregard the Medals points reflected in the link to Medal results link on the website’s 2016 points.

Time to Renew Your OHJA Membership!

Save Time and be GREEN in 2016 – Membership Renewals are Online

Thank you for renewing your OHJA membership. Please click here to renew. Just follow the instructions – – If you are an existing member and have not logged in before, click “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD” and you will be sent to a screen to enter your email address. If it is in our records, you will be sent an email with instructions to set a password. If we do not have an email record for you, you will need to fill out the application on this page – click here.

2016 Bylaws

The 2016 Bylaws have been posted to the website. You can find them HERE and on every page in the Member section of the website.

Looking Forwardsustainability

The OHJA Board is very pleased to be presenting to the membership this new website. It has been on our wish list for many years and we know that you’ll enjoy its expanded functionality, plus it is so sustainably GREEN!

Our website redesign goals were to provide members with content that you value, to support sustainability through less paper and ink, and to streamline administration and online reporting. Most forms are now online and contribute to a master database.

What do you think? Please let our Webmaster know if you find any typos (there’s always some for the sharp eye) or changes that would improve the website.

Thank you to the OHJA team that championed the website through development, Kathy Hall, Joe Regan and Beka Swan. Teri LeVine of MC2 Marketing & On Fire Websites teamed up with Adrienne Raymond and Randall Spence to design and develop our fantastic database-driven website. Once again, Oregon leads the herd!

OHJA store coming soonWhat’s Next? OHJA Store!

We are frequently asked by members, “Can I purchase an OHJA blanket, bag or shirt?” Soon, we’ll be saying “YES”, because we would be proud to see members wearing an OHJA shirt and showing their pride in the Association!

Now that the website is done, we are developing an OHJA Store that will offer a range of OHJA customized products that you can purchase online. We would value your input as to what is offered, so please complete the short questionnaire on our Store page. Our Store Manager will get to work finalizing the products and we’ll let you know as soon as we have a GRAND OPENING! Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page, so you’ll know all about it!

 Celebrating Generations of Oregon Riders

If you are curious about the vintage photos (black and white) at the top of the page, you can read about them on our About page

We also extend a very sincere THANK YOU to Julie Ward for the use of her wonderful photos on this website. Julie has been very supportive of OHJA and the area horse shows and we are very appreciative of her talents and generosity.  Julie Ward Photography






Facebook Updates

NW Spectacular results will be loaded tomorrow. Because it's double points this year, it will be loaded as two shows rather than just one. Thunderbird Show Park's 2 August shows, Evergreen Classic, and Octoberfest will be loaded in the next few days as well. For members showing outside of Oregon or Washington, it's the member's responsibility to have the show secretary forward results to OHJA. ... See MoreSee Less

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This is a reminder that all members can now access their points, organized by division and show, through the website. You need to log in first to access this information. The link is on your membership profile log in screen.

Three August shows have been uploaded: (1) Team NW August Bedrock; (2) Lake Oswego Hunt August; and (3) Oregon Summer Classic. Additional shows will be posted in the next several days.

Please review your points to confirm their accuracy AS SOON AS PRACTICABLE. Please note that as issues are addressed with the database and correcting points, we are focusing first on larger issues that impact a number of members before addressing issues that impact a single exhibitor one at a time. We are taking this approach because as larger issues are addressed, it will hopefully correct issues impacting individual exhibitors.
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Hi everyone! According to our database programmer, each of members now has the ability to go in and view a report of all their points, rather than just a point total. To view these details about your points, you'll need to log in to the website. On your member profile page, there's a link that will take you to your points info.

If you notice any errors with your points, please let us know. At the moment, the June Quarry Ridge show has not been posted, nor have any points from August or September. We hope to get all of those uploaded this weekend at the latest.

Within the next few days, we will also expect to have the capability for each trainer to view a report for all of their clients' points. This only works if the horse/rider have reported who their trainer is. If you haven't provided this information, you can log into the website and update your profile to provide this information.
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It's been brought to our attention that the June Quarry Ridge show results have not been posted to the OHJA website. We'll get those results up, along with results from the August and September shows, in the coming days. ... See MoreSee Less

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OHJA members: Please log on to the OHJA website and check your results. They are current through Bend 2. August shows will be posted soon. You'll need to log in in order to access points.

If anything looks amiss, please contact Kathy Hall, Trish Helmer, or Katy George for assistance. Before you do, please confirm that your membership and horse registration data is accurate and you have paid in full for both; otherwise, your points may not show up on the website.

Our programmer is working on giving all members access to their own data so you can see your points from particular classes at particular shows, rather than just a single number for your accumulated points.

Please check your points sooner rather than later so that corrections can be made through the rest of the season.

Thank you for your attention!
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